Bright Eyes , No Lie !

Today I would like to talk about how important it is to use eye cream.
I have been using eye creme since I have been a teenager and have pretty much tried them all! Lancôme ,Chanel, Estée Lauder, Christian Dior, YSL, Sisley, Obagi and so on and so on.

They all have their benefits, and some I liked more than others.
But I am really excited about LUMIERE Bio- restorative Eye Cream .
Inspired by Swiss technology and research developed for wound healing.

The skin around the eye area is thin and much more delicate than the
Rest of the face and needs to be treated differently. We rub ,pull,
apply eye makeup ,lashes ,take off eye makeup and can be a little
aggressive in this delicate area.

Therefor creating pre-mature sagging, fine lines and wrinkles and irritation around the eye. It is very important to protect this area
because of these reasons.

LUMIERE by Neocutis is special because it has PSP ( Processed Skin
Proteins) Which are natural proteins known as Peptides. They contain
an optimal mixture of essential skin nutrients such as Human Growth
Factors. LUMIERE Eye cream will:

– Smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
In as little as 6 Weeks.

– Alleviate skin puffiness with Caffeine

– Plump with hydration from Hyaluronic Acid

– Diminish under eye darkness and signs of fatigue

This cream has won the 2014 In Style Best Beauty Award!

You can purchase at KO’AN Med Spa or try us online. But do it quickly
We can’t keep it on our shelves!

Feel free to reach me at I will be happy to
assist you with all your skin care needs.

Happy Monday!