How to get younger looking skin overnight!

Hi,my name is Lisa and this will be my first ‘blog’! Hmmmm what should i talk about?

Makeup, Fashion, skincare, poodles?!

I am a medical Esthetician and work for two prominant plastic surgeons.Needless to say I have used “alot”of skin care products!

After attending the 2013 Las Vegas Esthetics Convention last month,I came back with a heavy bag of goodies!But I want to share with you a product that I absolutely fell in love with!

Le Mieux TGF-B Booster is a concentrated serum that gives you immediate results.
I had given myself a light lactic peel before I left for my exciting trip to Vegas…not a good idea the evening before an event!!My eyes were very irritated ,so when I came to the “Le Miuex” booth,I saw an eye kit which included TGF-B Eye Firming Mask,and TGF-B booster serum…. “A LIFE SAVER”

The eye mask were so easy to use ,you just peel off and apply.Not only easy and fast but sooo soothing and cooling and energizing!They actually increase oxygen uptake,need I say more!

But there’s more, I noticed a complete difference on my face when I used the the TGF-B booster serum.Its 85% pharmacuetical grade anti-aging ingredients and human like growth factors in a Hyaluronic acid base. It stimulates collegen and elastin on a cellular level. Thus diminishing fine lines and wrinkles,leaving skin luminouse !What a difference it made especially in the Vegas heat!I even used it on an injury that I had on my hand and saw amazing results! No wonder why it was named the best serum of the year 2012 spa/professional product awards ,but I found that out on my own before I even knew the product.

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