With the holidays right around the corner and lights going up all over town , think about lighting up your face for the holiday with LED Light Therapy and YOU will be the talk of the town! 

    That might sound funny but LED Therapy is all the rage ! It has actually been around for years , starting with the astronauts for healing purposes while in space . (Better than Tang) 

    Omnilux LED which you see behind me and my patient laying under it , is the most efficient LED Light out there with clinical studies to prove the amazing results as far as skin rejuvenation , healing post op , and killing P bacteria for acne. With 3 different light panels which you can switch out very easily. 

    Red for rejuvenation, Red/Amber for healing , and Blue Light to kill bacteria. 

    If you would like a complementary consultation please contact me at The KO’AN Center , you can reach me at Larnold@koancenter.com

    Let Me Light You Up For The Holidays !