Trick or Treat Your Face!

It’s October and almost Halloween! It is also a very scary time of year for my skin ! I’m feeling a little dry even though I drink a ton of water . Also I am still combating unwanted pigment from the California summer. By the way it’s still 80• and sunny here! “Not complaining people ! ”

Now it’s time to get down and dirty with my skin regime! So last night I dusted off my Nu-Face Trinity Pro that I admit using for quite a while. Even being an aesthetician I have to admit that I tend to neglect my skin here and there only for the pure reason of being lazy! After a long day of making everyone else beautiful! Again “Not complaining!” I love my clients!

Nu -Face is a home device.  It is non  invasive microcurrent that tones and lifts . It is good for texture, fine lines and wrinkles , contouring and skin tone. Also known as the 72 hour face lift! It tightens and tones the facial muscles and creates muscle memory . I tell my clients it’s like working out for your face. The more you use it your muscles become more toned and healthy.

So last night I washed my face with BABOR ENZYME Face wash and as I laid in bed watching Madam Secretary  starring one of my favorite actresses Tea Leoni I applied the NU-FACE gel to one side of my face (this acts as a conductor and is included when you buy the device) used the hand held device in an upward motion along the facial muscles. I did about 5 min and then did the other side. Wiped the gel off and applied my KO’AN Restorative night creme.

I woke up this morning and my boyfriend brought me coffee ( yes he is Amazing!) and said “Wow your skin looks really good ” I was a little groggy still and it took a min to remember that I had Nu-Faced the night before. I said “Oh that’s right , thank you !”

Now that’s a true testament for a great home device ! I will use it again tonight and incorporate some other little tricks!

Stay tuned for my next blog and I will share my treats with you!