3 Must Have Beauty Tips

1) I recommend at least once a month a KO’AN skin care treatment,including dermaplaning which is an exfoliation of the epidermis using a medical blade, getting rid of all those dead skin cell laying on your face, and clogging pores! Also allows for deeper product penetration! Believe me this has changed my life!

2) The right products for your face! Everyone is different , but trust me you will use less product if you have the RIGHT KO’AN products for home care. I suggest starting with the right cleanser such as our KO’AN Purifying gel cleanser with rose hip and olive oils. This cleanser will thoroughly cleanse without stripping your face , has lots of omega’s to keep your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. Really great with the Clarisonic brush witch is another must have. They are both available at KO’AN.

3) Remember to drink lots of water, exercise, and healthy diet including fish, green leafy vegetables, such as Kale which has a high amount of micronutrients!