Summer Time Blues !

It’s mid Summer , and living in Southern California I’ve spent most my spare time outdoors . With our beautiful weather and sunny skies we have such a healthy lifestyle .

All Summer I’ve been swimming, boating, jet skiing, exercising and been to the beach quite a few times. So when it comes to skin care I want easy lightweight , highly antioxidant products and of course a great easy to apply sunscreen.

Well ladies I’ve found just the products! I introduce to you Airelle skincare. 4 simple easy to use products that contain “Berrimatrix” (deeply concentrated Blueberry extract) which is not only anti-aging, anti-oxidant but protects against the breakdown of collagen after UV exposure!

Exfoliating Cleanser with Glycolic and Bamboo

Intense Repair Complex Hydrator with Copper and Vit E

Eye and Lip Treatment Age- Defying with Hyaluronic Acid

Manila Mask Hydrator with Vit B

So get the Summer time Blues with the power of Berrimatrix!