Bone Broth Diet, Getting Started!

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I know that I have kind of left you all hanging, but I had to experiment. I have never been on a diet before. I do consider myself healthy and eat right 80% of the time occasionally splurging on restaurant food and wine trying to keep that down to days off work or weekends! But we all know that can get out of control!

So like a godsend my Bone Broth Diet kit that I ordered from PBS came at an appropriate time whether I liked it or not, January 30th!

So as my last hurrah I did what any girl would do….whooped it up! Yes it was New Years Eve and we celebrated!


Both Brandon and I were so sick and hungover the next day but we had a choice … “Let’s get really bad fast food or jump straight into this diet thing?!” Fortunately we did the right thing and started Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet.

I have to admit that it looked so confusing at first even though I had the book, the tapes, and the thermos (At that time I was like “What a thermos? I haven’t seen that in 30 years!). I scanned through the book and jumped in cold turkey!

I made a quick grocery list and went to the store. I will share that with you. That was my first week just doing the simple procedure and following the guideline, no recipes or fancy stuff !

I will admit it was hard the first week especially the Bone Broth days. What the heck is Bone Broth? I quickly figured that out and discovered how popular it actually is! I live in Southern California and shop at Pavillions, Gelsons, Ralph’s and Whole Foods.

Let me tell you for this 21 days you will only need to shop at Whole Foods or an organic market. Though Ralph’s had an awesome organic vegetable section. This is a pic of Whole Foods. How beautiful do these veggies look!


I know the prices might be a little higher but you will definitely save money in the end. Trust me!

Lets talk about alcohol,O.K. I get it. Many of you might say “I can’t go without a glass of wine for 21 days !” But from one wine drinker to another you will get over it! Just commit. I actually craved a glass of milk in this 21 days instead .

Its amazing how your body will detox in such a short period of time , also these healthy fats are nutrients to feed your brain .

My job is to make people look and feel the best that they can be ,beautiful and vibrant ! Inside and out! My goal is to help you experience the energy , weight loss and glowing skin and the results that I had . I lost 11 pounds !

My clients keep asking me “Well tell me what you did? And I say Dr.Kellyann Pertrucci Bone Broth diet! Get the book . There are just so many people that need that push ,so I will make this easy and show you what I did. I have documented a few days of food and some easy recipes from the book and some of my own that you should find helpful.

Again ,I lost 11 pounds in 19 days .I have been trying to lose that 5 pounds for 2 years !

My next blog will get you started with your grocery list, proportions and recipes. Stay tuned, I want to make it easy. I felt so good and had so much energy and want the same for you!