Happy New Year , Im Back!!

 Geez, it’s hard to believe the Holidays came and went. It’s been a whirlwind. I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday  and Happy New Year !

This year was extremely hard for me . With the passing of my beautiful mother just last December 22nd I can’t believe I was able to get through the days and put a smile on my face . There is a void and a huge hole in my heart that will never be filled .

Though I had a wonderful time with my family I kinda just went through the motions and for the first time in my life EVER I am happy to say the holiday’s are over! 

With that being said I jumped into the New Year with a new start! I want this year to be better for not only myself , my family and for you all . 

So I’m watching PBS, for those of you that don’t know this is Public broadcasting television! Which I am a big supporter of and I came across a very interesting women Doctor Kelley Ann who kept talking about Bone Broth and has developed a whole diet around it . 

Now I don’t diet , I consider myself a healthy eater , occasionally exerciser that falls off the wagon here and there . But she made sense . Achey joints, low energy, belly fat , inflammation and so on and so on . I just thought I was getting older , hmmm. 

But wait my MOM always had a pot of soup and had to have the bone in the beef or chicken simmering for a meal at least once a week and so did my Grandmother. Just a staple in our home . 

Sounded like she was speaking directly to me! So I ordered the whole kit which included her book ( I hate to read but love books …get that ? ) videos and yes a bone broth thermas! 

It was delivered December 31 which is really fast for PBS ! I scrambled for 2 day’s referencing the book making the grocery list and portioning out our food for the week ! 

I am on day 8 and I feel amazing ! That is why I am up at 3:00am to tell you all about it! No lie! I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time and I’m a girl who exercises , moves all day and eats healthy . But this is different. I’m bursting off the charts ! 

In the next few days I will share with you what I have been up to so that you can feel as good as I do! 

Let’s jump start our new year together!