Chemical Peels

Have you ever had a chemical peel? Maybe you should consider one .A chemical peel can revitalize your skin,improve texture ,fine lines and wrinkles and promotes collagen. There are many different peels and the depth of the peel is determined by the combination of percentage of different acids induced into the skin.A chemical peel should only be performed at Dr. office ,Med Spa, under medical supervision by a medical esthetician.
A chemical peel can be done on the face ,neck and chest depending in the peel. There are peels that target Acne,Hyper-pigmentation , scarring ,texture, and have amazing results!
I struggle with pigment and just had a “Pigment Balancing Peel”by Skinceuticals,which left my skin brighter,smoother,and softer!
The combination of glycolic and citric acid were applied to my face for a total of 5 min then neutralized with water,it was uncomfortable for 5 min but the results are amazing!
Fall is PEEL SEASON ,if you would like to have a consultation for a chemical peel please call Lisa Arnold at KO’AN (310-315-3022) to book your fall appointment!Look forward to seeing you!