Peel Season is Here!

Fall is in the air and this is my favorite time of year! Originally from Pennsylvania,Autumn is an amazing time of year . The leaves are changing ,the air is brisk ,people are picking apples and pumpkins getting ready for Halloween and drinking apple cider.Everybody is getting into that holiday spirit!
Back here in L.A. (though my fellow Pennsylvanians might not agree) we actually do have seasons,and I consider it PEEL SEASON! it has cooled off a bit and the sun is not so strong, the perfect time to start your skin care regimen and get ready to look fab for the holidays.
Now last blog was an overview of chemical peels ,but which one is right for you? Everyone is different and has a different skin type and should have a skin analysis by a licensed Esthetician.In my upcoming blogs we will go over different peels for all skin types.
Today lets talk about PIGMENT! O.K. girls Summer is over! Lets get rid of those unwanted brown spots, UVA and UVB damage that are harmful and most important can lead to Melanoma.Even though we religiously wore hats and sunscreen, pigment will show up.There is now proven clinical studies
that heat rays known as IRA (infrared radiation A) are responsible for accelerated skin aging.
Its not only scary out there in the sun, but also hot showers and steam rooms will pigment your skin. it is a never ending battle and even worse if you have developed Melasma.
The up side of this is that there are many treatments ,including Peels ,Lasers, Medical grade products for treatment and also prevention .So now is a good time to get started on a treatment program. If you would like to have a skincare analysis and get started on a perfect plan right for you please feel free to contact me at KO’AN in Santa Monica(310)-315-3022 or you can e-mail me at