Flying and your Skin!

So I’m sitting on the runway at LAX waiting to take off for my much anticipated trip to Winchester, Virginia to visit my son and his girlfriend in their brand new place!
The California sun is just starting to peak through the heavy Santa Monica beach fog. Now yesterday in LA it was 91• with hot dry Santa Ana winds as we call them out here in LA , and I am flying into 40• weather with cold gusty winds!
How does a girl prepare her skin for such a trip!? We’ll let me tell you , I literally started last week !
I stocked up on my Babor Hy-Ol 2 step cleanse , Obagi hydrating Roller Ball peptide eye serum and their amazing Elastiderm Eye creme. I gave myself a light Skincuetical Lactic acid peel, applied a well balanced , beautifully smelling and hydrating Babor Nu-Skin fluid ampule and Babor Skinovage face cream . I then protected my skin with Revision Intellishade moisturizing Sunscreen which has an SPF of 50 and also adjust to your own skin tone to become the perfect shade of tinted moisturizer! In my purse I made sure to bring KO’AN Hydrapeptide Serum and their new KO’AN MD Intensive Moisture. This may sound like a lot of product but you really must Hydrate and protect your skin from the elements and the stale cabin air while flying (also the food!)
Drink lots of water , do not eat salty , processed foods the day before and no alcohol before you fly . This will eliminate bloating and swelling of your feet , hands and puffiness of your face .
Well off I go into the clouds! Happy Flying!