Micro Needling

Have you ever heard of Micro Needling? well I know it sounds “a little brutal”but Micro needling is just another amazing skin care treatment that is performed at a dermatologist ,plastic surgeon or medical spa.
Micro Needling will help with fine lines and wrinkles,texture, pores,scaring,pigmentation and skin tone!
It can be performed on the face ,neck ,chest and hands.
Numbing cream is applied on the areas being treated for about 20 minutes.A pen like device or Dermapen punctures tiny microscopic holes that act as canals just touching the dermal layer allowing gateways for products such as growth factors,stem cells and peptides to penetrate.The idea is to create a bit of trauma to the skin to promote collagen, therefor you will look a little “puffy” ,slightly red and sometimes it will draw a small amount of blood to the surface.The skin is an amazing organ and will start to heal itself immediately!
I myself had this done last week and within 2 hours the puffiness and redness calmed down .The next day my skin appeared brighter,smoother and rejuvenated.This treatment can be done by itself in aseries of 3 to 4 treatments 2 weeks apart for optimal results or in conjunction with microdermabrasion, peels and lasers. if you would like a consultation and free skin analysis please contact me at The KO’AN Center in Santa Monica or you can E-Mail me with any questions at Larnold@koancenter.com Happy Needling!