Open Your Eye’s , Let’s Talk Lashes !

O.K. Let’s talk Mascara, have you ever seen someone with beautiful lashes and asked “What Mascara do you use ?” And it always baffles me when their response is ” Oh I don’t know , it’s just something I picked up from the drugstore on sale ”

W-H-A-T ?? Maybe it’s just me and I take my Macarara to seriously ! Every month I diligently stand in line at the Lancôme counter and buy that $30 dollar tube of Definicils ! I don’t even want to tell you for how many years ,let me just say when I started using it ,the price was $9.00 a tube, Yikes!

Every time I try to switch I loyally go back to Lancôme . I have stepped out and purchased Dior , YSL, Estée Lauder and even some drug store brands such as Loreal and Maybeline.

Recently I purchased Too Faced “Better Than False Lashes” mostly because I loved the packaging. Yes I’m one of those ,I’m a sucker for great packaging and am attracted to bright ,shiny , girlie stuff!

So back to my new purchase ,this mascara claims to build your lashes and comes with 2 tubes . The first tube is the mascara base and top coat. The second tube is Flexistretch Nylon Fibers to build the lashes with. I was so excited to try it ,the lashes on the box looked amazing!

Though it does sound like a lot of work and it kind of was ,but anything for great lashes right? But in the end my lashes looked pretty great. Not anything like the picture and it was a little clumpy and sticky . And if any flakes dropped when applying you literally needed eye makeup remover to clean up.

So as a stand in line at at the Bloomimgdales Lancôme counter yet once again safely purchasing my 1000th tube of Definicils just know this Lancôme “I am your customer for life”!

Happy Lashes!