Spring Forward , Age Backwards!

Well ,it’s that time of year again with Spring right around the corner
We will be turning our clocks forward losing an hour of sleep but giving us an extra hour of daylight.

This makes me realize that time is so precious and that every minute counts ! We get so busy and caught up in our everyday lives that we sometimes neglect ourselves, our friends and family. “Oh I’ll call them tomorrow ,or I’ll make plans with them next week”. I myself am guilty of this for sure . Just remember that their might not be that chance tomorrow or next week and how fast and drastically things can change.

And often we put ourselves last as well. Listen none of us are getting any younger . It’s time to turn back the hands of time and treat yourself to one of KO’AN’s Anti aging treatments!

We are on the cutting edge of skin care technology and innovative skin care treatments. With a team of professional Medical Estheticians , nurses, and our world renowned Plastic Surgeons, Co Founder Dr. Barbara Hayden and Dr. Cha Chia Kao we are by far the best medical spa in the Los Angeles. We have patients fly in from all over the world to see us.

And you can too! Please call for an appointment ,we are here for you !
You can reach us at 310-315-3022 or feel free to email me at Larnold@koancenter.com

Happy Anti-Aging !