Portion Food For Bone Broth Diet!

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Portioning food for the week , eek! yes this diet is very much about prep and portion control, but I have some examples and recipes to help make it fun and easy!

First lets go over portion size. Whether you choose meat,fish or poultry it should be about the size of your palm . 3 to 4 oz for women and 5 to 6 oz. for men. According to Dr. Kellyann a serving of eggs is as many as you can hold in your hand about 2 to 3 for women and 5 to 6 for men. for egg whites double the amount.

Fruit is what you can hold in the palm of your hand or half of a piece.

Fat serving is about one tablespoon , a mixture of nuts would be about a handful.

Vegetables according to Dr. Kellyann about the size of a softball. Or just fill your plate!

Bone Broth is 1 mug 2 times per day except of course for your mini fast days which then would be up to 6 cups.

You will avoid all sugar, dairy, bread, gluten, soda, juice, processed foods, alcohol (i know! ) Trust me it will be worth it.

I like to buy the snack ziplock bags for the fruit and veggies, it makes it easy to just grab out of the fridge and take with you or simply put your meal together at home on your plate!

I also picked up some glass containers at Bed Bath and Beyond for Chicken and Fish . I like glass ,they stack nice in the fridge and keep food really fresh!

Portioned fridge

Portioned fridge !