Skin Food!

Eating healthy is key!

Portion control pop up businesses are all the rage right now and usually a little pricy!

Let me show you how easy you can do for yourself. Below is an example .

Breakfast : 1/2 Grapefruit ,1/2 cup non-fat Cottage cheese and a handful Raw Almonds .

1/2 Grapefruit : (  Cal 40 Sugar ) (Sugar 8g) Filled with Vit A and Vit C which are super antioxidants and are so beneficial for your skin !

1/2 cup Non-Fat Cottage Cheese (80 cal)

Small handful Raw Almonds app 12 or so . (82 cal) (207 mg of Pottasium )

Large glass of lemon water with mint leaves

Lunch : Kale and Red Cabbage Salad with broccoli, sweet raw peppers , carrots and radish .

Kale and Broccoli are Super foods ! A handful of Kale is just 50 cal and is filling! Loaded with vitamins A,C, calcium and iron . It takes a while to cut up so when I do I make enough to get me through the week !

Keep in a large bowl with a sealed lid or even a ziplock but do not add any oil or tomato until you are ready to eat . This way it won’t become “Soggy” I just add olive oil with lemon

Wild Alaskin Salmon  4oz piece (190 cal) (24 gr protein) also one of the best skin and Heart food because it has good essential oils and fatty acids , also known as Brain Food!

I lay on cookie sheet , drizzle olive oil and season with Lemon and a pinch of Cajun seasoning . Bake at 350• for 25 min