Pigment Seriously?!

Living in Southern California it’s hard to tell when Summer ends and Fall starts! You pretty much wake up every morning with sunshine and warm temperatures until one day as you look in the mirror and scream “Where did all these brown spots come from?” “I’ve been so good with my sunscreen or at least I thought I have!” 

 Then you realize it’s October already, Peel season !!!

 As I take my last dip in the pool I think to myself I need to get serious about this pigment (sun damage) that I conveniently cover up every day with a combination of sunscreen, tinted moisturizer with SPF and makeup ! 

 Seriously it’s time to get serious! Luckily being a seasond medical aesthetician I have the tools at hand and will gladly share with you .

I am so excited about a new Peel that we are offering at the KO’AN Center . The Neocutis Glycolic Peel . They are a Swiss line that is only sold at medical offices and I am in love with all of thier products ! 

The Peel comes in different strengths 20% up to 50% and has a brightening agent called Melaplex that actually targets pigmentation and minimizes the appearance of skin discoloration and help brighten dark spots for a brighter , glowing complexion .

This Peel is easy to apply and neutralize, and has no down time! I will continue at home with a product in the day called Perl , a non hydroquoin brightening treatment . And Journee daily moisturizer with SPF 30 , Lumier Riche Eye care . Bio- Serum and Blanc ( 4% hydroquoin) at bedtime . 

All of these post products go hand in hand with the peel to continue the brightens process . 

It’s been 5 days and I received a compliment from my Director at KO’AN on how amazing  my skin looks , now that’s a big deal!