…and makeup sets at the mall! Hallelujah! I absolutely love the department stores’ makeup and perfume counters this time of year. I can hardly contain myself! Try walking through Macy’s or Bloomingdales without stopping, looking and touching the beautiful packaged gift sets…and the deals you only see at this time of year!  I am definitely a makeup fanatic – as my eyes scour the counters and I am thinking about what great gifts I can get for my family and friends, I always seem to come home with something for myself! This year so far, I purchased a hot pink Lancôme lipstick that was $22.00 and was able to purchase their best Holiday Gift Set for $59.95! …yep! This set includes 11 full size products and my favorite Hypnosis mascara. (Sweet!) It also comes in this beautiful travel case which I will be using for the holidays. It is their best seller and now I know why. A great gift idea…even if you do keep it for yourself !  Shhhh!!!