What’s In Your Closet ? !

  As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by makeup and beauty products. I have pretty much tried every product under the sun … Or at least I thought so !                                                                     

  As far as skin care products the technology just keeps getting better making this the fastest growing business today . It is truly a multi billion dollar market across the world. Let’s face it everyone wants to look good and is looking for that mirical cream! 

These are my personal products that I want to share with you and much different than my grandmothers cold cream!

Now I don’t use all of these at once but it’s good to switch out for the different benefits that these products have to offer and here is why. 

AIRELLE- Age defying with the power or Berrimatrix (blueberry concentrate highly antioxidant) fights photoaging and collagen breakdown.

NEOCUTIS-  Processed skin proteins and growth factors that bio mimic peptides to preserve collagen and elastin.

KO’AN- Restorative Bio Therapy with hyaluronic acid for hydration and skin plumping , peptides and Phyto Stem Cells 

NEOVA- Prevenative skin care that’s prevents photoaging and DNA damage with Liposomes , Phytolsomes and Mitisomes for fine lines and wrinkles.