What’s In Your Makeup Bag? !


My Makeup Bag!

   My Makeup Bag!  

I don’t know about you but I love to see what’s in other peoples makeup bags. I guess because since I was a little girl I have been infatuated with MakeUp ! The pretty colors,the packaging , I can spend hours at the make up counter’s ( and a lot of money!) I mean I have a pretty bad memory  but I remember those tiny red lipsticks from the Avon lady. Ha Ha

Its funny how we girls change here and there . I am always on the quest for the PERFECT FOUNDATION ! Does it exist ? I don’t know but I pretty much have tried them all. And I will keep searching and buying. It’s almost at this point like a life mission !

This is what I was using around the Holidays. Laura Mercier Tinted illuminating moisturizer and Powder, Lancome Anti-Cernes long lasting under eye concealer, (This baby I cannot live without! ) And MAC had really nice Beautiful gift sets this year with creme eye shadow ,base and brush ,also included mascara. which I wasn’t a big fan of. since then I have gone back to my one and only Lancome Definicil’s, simply the best!

Also how cute is that MakeUp bag !

Well I thought it would be fun to share and let me know “What’s in your Make Up Bag!”