Acne Smackne! Let’s be Clear!

Let’s talk about Acne. Do you know that there are 3 types of acne?
Therefore it only makes sense to determine what type of acne that you are dealing with so you can treat the skin properly for best results and achieve clear skin!
Type 1 : Congestion
People that have blackheads and closed comedones have a build up of sebum(natural oil) trapped in the hair follicle .The sebum is sticky and unable to be completely wicked out of the hair follicle. Layered with dead skin cells leaves your complexion bumpy .
Proper product, exfoliation and extractions will help smoothe out your texturized skin. You are also going to need at least 4 deep cleansing facials and really good extractions to get your skin under control.
You can prevent this by using a good enzyme cleanser with your Claisonic brush daily .Enzyme cleansers lightly remove dead skin cell build up without stripping your skin. If you are heavily contested there are some great Salicylic and Glycolic pads that can be used 2 to 3 times per week at night to smooth out your texture. Hydration tends to slow down oil production , one reason you produce excess oil is from dehydration . So I recommend a light Hyluronic Acid that will attract moisture to your skin without clogging the pores.

Type 2: Acneitic Skin
Acneitic skin has Propionibacterium (P. Bacteria) present in and on the skin. With the combination of closed comedones and bacteria ,the skin will be inflamed and the lesions will hurt , be infected and cause scarring . Acne is caused by overproduction of skin cells and over active sebaceous glands which is usually triggered by the hormone androgen .
You can correct this with deep Salicylic and Glycolic peels done at a medical office . These type of peels will help eliminate the bacteria ,she’d the skin of extra skin cells and open up some follicles to aid in extractions. Weekly deep cleansing and extraction facials are key , also you must be compliant with home took a while to get this way so I recommend 6to 8 weeks of treatments !

Type 3 : Cystic Acne
P. Bacteria can cause inflammation and pus that expands the follicles to form nodules under the skin .this type of acne is severe and is characterized by large nodules under skin ,inflamed lesions with white centered bumps outside the skin .sensitive to touch and red ( painful and not pretty !)
You can treat this type of acne with deep peels 2times per month . Again regular deep cleansing facials and treatments a must through a medical office . Most patients will grow out of this type of acne ,but it might take years to get under control completely .
Regenlite laser is also recommended to control the excess sebum production and help with redness and scarring . Home care is extremely important ,cystic acne will not go away on its own.

So let’s combat these “not so pretty little pustules” make your appointment today at KOAN to determine what type of acne and let’s make a plan of attack!
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