“I Saw The Light!” I Had Regenlite!”

That’s right ,I had Regenlite Laser Treatment .If you read my blog (which I assume that you are doing now!) you know that I work for the KO’AN Center in Santa Monica. We as Medical Estheticians asses and do a skin care analysis ,give amazing skin care treatments and chemical peels ,recommend home care and will take the time to map out a treatment plan that is right for you , taking into consideration your time that you are willing to commit and budget .
But for the past few month’s we have also offered Regenlite Laser Treatment to our patients.After a Pre-cleanse with a mild Glycolic cleanser, exfolliation with Microdermabrasion ,then applying a Lactic Acid or a Niacin mask for a total of 2 min.You are now ready to be handed off to one of our amazing R.N.’s that will perform the Regenlite Laser Treatment,which takes about 30 min total.You wil then return to an Esthetician for a soothing ,hydrating ,collagen boosting Oxygen treatment. Walla ! You are well on your way to beautiful skin.
So I have been seeing my patients come and go every two weeks and what I am noticing are amazing results. Let me just say “I jumped on this band wagon!” As an Esthetician it is important to explain the treatment procedures and what to expect .it is also very important to promote healthy ,beautiful skin that we so passionatly believe in and promote. I don’t know about you but I would have a hard time taking an excercise class from someone that eats junk food all day and is not in the best of shape! No offense!
“What is Regenlite?” Let me explain.Regenlite is a Medical low level laser that treats a wide range of skin conditions,without pain or recovery time. Unheard of right!
“How does it work?” By emitting a single wavelength of light through a smart pulse hand piece held close to the skin, creating a natural bio-chemical response.Collagen production is stimulated enhancing skin rejuvenation and reducing wrinkles and scarring .The laser light will also kill bacteria while activating the body’s natural repair mechanism. To treat vascular lesions ,regenlite targets and destroys only the damaged blood vessels,leaving the surrounding healthy skin unharmed.
I have never experienced any type of laser treatments but have heard some “horror” stories. The way most lasers work are to create a “controlled wound”to the skin to achieve that reparative reaction .
This can be painful and uncomfortable and there is downtime.
With Regenlite there is no downtime . After a treatment you can literally apply makeup and sunscreen and go on with your day! We recommend a series of 5 treatments for optimal results scheduled 2 weeks apart.
I am on my second treatment and I am seeing an amazing difference in my skin. My tone, texture and elasticity have improved.And this month at KO’AN if you purchase a series of 6 Facial Treatments you will receive 1 free Regenlite values at $900.00! Also we are offering 20% off of our product of the month which is our famous Gold Stem Cell Serum to enhance your treatments.
So join me and “See The Light!” Book a Regenlite today by calling KO’AN at (310) 315-3022 or you can also E-Mail me at Larnold@koancenter.com

Happy Lasering !