Mini Peel

Hello ! In my last blog we talked about getting rid of pigment with the Depigmentation peel .Today I want to tell you about a less aggressive lets say ” Little Sister ” of that peel. It still targets pigment ,fine lines and wrinkles,improves texture and brightens your complexion with a combination of Azelaic, Lactic and Phytic acids. This peel can be performed in a series of treatments every 4 to 6 weeks and is kept on for a total of 2 will receive a take home kit to continue the peeling and should continue peeling for possibly 1 week.So if you need a little boost before the holidays you might want to consider this peel.The Depigmentation peel and the Mini peel are both KO’AN peels and can be performed at KO’AN .So please if you would like a free consultation and skin care analysis please call me at The KO’AN center in Santa Monica (310) 315-3022 or E-mail me at Peeling!