Allergy Season

Feeling a little under the weather and not know why? Tired itchy ,watery puffy eyes ,dry skin? Fall in Southern California is exceptionally bad for allergies because weeds are pollinating in the fall and they are a huge allergy agitator! Though every day of the year there is a plant pollinating somewhere,this season is always the worst for me. It is just so annoying to get up ,shower ,put your make-up on think you look great and by the time you step outside and arrive at work your eyes are watering ,puffy and your eye make-up looks like you slept in it from the night before!
Well maybe I can offer a little relief ,how about an Oxygen facial! I’m not saying it’s a cure for allergies but it will give you intense hydration for your face and “depuff” your eyes!
An Oxygen facial offers a topical therapeutic grade of oxygen that under hyperbaric pressure infuses active serums deep into the skin, so I look at it as hydration from within.And it lasts for up to a week or so depending on your skin and how dehydrated you might be. With the wand used to apply the serum you will feel a cool nice sensation and it is so beneficial around the eye area to take away that puffiness and really hydrate from within.This treatment can be done every week and I recommend a series of 6 for optimal hydration. Now doesn’t that sound Fabulouse! If you want to treat yourself please contact me at The KO’AN Center in Santa Monica for a free skin analysis,or you can E-Mail me with any questions at