TCA Peels

Lets talk about TCA ! Trichloric Acid ,I know it sounds scary but its actually is very effective in the skin care world. What would we do without it! This is a very effective chemical agent and can be applied to the face ,neck,decollete and hands. Also can be used for “spot treating .”It is an acid used by itself or in combination with other acids in many types of peels. Its antibacterial properties make it an excellent choice for acne patients but is also will treat fine lines ,wrinkles ,hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. You must be aware of the percentage used in the peel for your individual concearns or if using on a patient. Available strenghts would be 10-30 % .And just know that darker skin types have a greater chance to hyper pigment and this might not be the best choice. This acid will go deep in the dermis for fast peeling and less downtime. You should see an amazing result! If you would like a free skin care analysis so we can choose the right peel for you ,please contact me at the KO’AN center in Santa Monica or E-mail me at Happy Peeling!