Depigmentation Peel

As I promised we are going to hopefully educate you ladies on peels,and find the right one that might be good for you! Today I want to talk to you about KO’AN Depigmentation Peel.
If you have uneven skin tone,deep pigment issues or Melasma you might want to think about this one.I actually had this peel last December and let me tell you my pigment decreased by 80% and I had a much brighter,smoother texture and complexion,even took away fine lines and wrinkles.
I wont lie this is “The Big One”! and you are going to need some down time.I recommend 7-10 days. The actual peel itself is easy breezy and performed in a medical spa , the gel mask is compounded on site to ensure potency and reliability and feels nice on the face.even with the high levels of Arbutin and Vit A.You will leave with the mask on (so no dinner dates!)and will be sent home with instructions post care and a specific time for you to remove the mask.
Now the fun begins! Day 2 you will start your home treatment which help and extend the peeling process.Your home kit will include compounded Depigmentation creme ,Anti-redness Soothing Cleanser, Balm and a special emollient sunscreen.This is a half in house and half at home treatment so you must abide by the post care instructions for optimal results.By day 3 you should start feeling like you have a sunburn ,and begin to peel.the peeling can last up to 10 days but you can still go out in the world just make sure you have applied your sunscreen.
Along with peeling you are receiving the benefits of collegen production ,the end result is dark spots will lighten,fine lines and wrinkles will diminish ,texture will be smoother and brighter. Just saying!!! To book a consultation please call me at KO’AN (310)315-3022 or e-mail me at Happy Peeling!