Just Do It!

I would like to give a big shout out ……to me! I must admit ,being that it is Jan 15 and not the 1st that I had a little bit of a late start on my New Year Resolution ,but only because we had a touch of H1N1 Flu in my household,and let me tell you “Get the flu vaccine!” You don’t ever want to get that sick!
I woke up this morning ,put on my tennies,dusted off my eliptical runner and got on!
I haven’t worked out in a month and a half,but with in the first five minutes I was on my way to a healthy start of the new year . Exercising is so important for your body and your skin.If you notice anyone who does cardiovascular activity will have a healthy glow after exercise ,this is because of increased blood flow that nourishes skin cells and keeps them vital.Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells. Also increased blood flow helps carry away waste products ,including free radicals from healthy cells and flushes debris out of your system.It is cleansing your skin from the inside!
So it just makes sense that if we are investing Billions of dollars per year on serums ,face creams, Treatments,injections and fillers on the outside why neglect whats really going on inside! It is important to keep those cells healthy ,not only so you look good but for many other health reasons including cancer.Moving and exercising will also release stress .You will be surprised how much better you will feel physically and mentally with exercise and a proper healthy diet.
So don’t procrastinate,Just Do It! Happy Exercising!