PPCI “A Hairy Subject”

Thinning hair can be scary and losing your hair can be traumatic for men and women. For years Scientists and Drug companies have been working overtime for the Miracle Grow Remedy!There are so many pills,serums,powders,devices not to mention good wigs ,bad wigs and hair extensions that will only leave your hair more damaged ! Trust me I was bald in the back of my scalp for a year from hair extensions. It was extremely traumatic for me! I still to this day (even though my hair grew back “Thank God” have a hard time looking at the back of my head.
After working in a hair salon for many years and crossing over into a medical spa ,I have seen it all!
I can tell you first hand of a safe treatment that promotes hair stimulation and growth.I have witnessed the amazing results.
PPCI (Pure Plasma Cell Infusion) was designed by Dr. Kao.The procedure involves the collection of a small amount of blood plasma that is placed in an advanced centrifuge where proteins are separated and reintroduced into the patients target areas by injection and a medical grade needling process. Target areas would include receding hairline ,bald patches and thinning hair.
Red and white blood cells are removed from the blood during the centrifuge process,leaving concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) which is a potent stimulator of the new collagen and elastin.This rich plasma is then injected back into the skin to re-energize and rejuvenate cells.Inactive or newly implanted hair follicles are stimulated by PPCI to increase growth.
Where hair follicles are treated ,the procedure offers thicker,stronger,hair growth in areas that growth messengers have been shut off or interrupted,allowing the natural process of hair growth to be reactivated.
The cell regeneration takes time and multiple treatments .improvements may become noticeable in 3 weeks and continue for the next 8 months .Patients may need 3 to 4 treatments a year for optimal results.
If you are interested and would like a consultation with Dr. Kao,please call the KO’AN Center Santa Monica for an app.(310)315-3022
Happy Hair Restoration!