“The Skin Your In ,Own It”

As babies we are born with an amazing complexion.Fresh ,new ,shiny skin! Ahhh! But as we grow there are many factors that contribute to the health of our skin.Our genetics, ethnicity ,environment,sun exposure,pollution puberty and hormones!Do you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It is on display at all times and is there to protect us,so why not protect ,nourish and treat it well!

Rule no 1-protect! Do you know that you will get most UV damage by age 12? It is so important to always wear sunscreen on your face and body. I admit it is a chore ,but in the long run the payoff is huge and might even save your life.UVA Rays from the sun penetrate deep into the dermal layer damaging the cells beneath ,they will also penetrate through glass and clothing giving your skin irreversible damage.
UVB Rays cause most sunburn and are responsible for causing most skin cancer.They reflect off water and snow so you need to protect yourself even in the winter months.
Ira Rays (Infrared Red Rays ) reach the dermal layer and cause photo damage.(dark spots and Pigment)

Rule no 2-Nourish! You are what you eat is a very true statement! It is so important to eat the right foods.Every cell in your body is connected ,so when you are eating sugary unhealthy foods you might feel good for that moment but eventually you are going to feel sluggish and bad.When you fill your body with foods high in nutrients and protein your body will optimize all those nutrients and use them accordingly ,and you will feel that sense of energy.
I really think that with our fast paced lifestyles ,fast food restaurant chains, and all the advertising for soda ,chips,fast food ,snacks,alcohol the wrong foods are literally shoved down our throat’s and most people don’t even realize the difference in the way you feel when you eat a proper healthy diet.
On the up-side it is really easy to eat healthy! My grocery list is pretty much the same every week !
It consists of a lot of green healthy leafy salad( Kale is highest in nutrients),Broccoli,Tomatoes ,Red and white onion ,Fresh Garlic, chicken breasts,Fish like Salmon and Halibut,Quinoa(high in protein) berries and nuts.Yes it varies here and there and I do step out on the weekends!You will be surprised how much better you will feel and the difference in your skin after a week of eating this way.

Rule no 3-Treat!By this I mean take care of your skin by first always wear a sunscreen,treat yourself by getting a monthly facial or peel and take supplements .Also have a good home care regimen.
Your worth it !

If you would like a complimentary skin care analysis please contact me at KO’AN Santa Monica (310) 315-3022.Or you can E-Mail me at Larnold@koancenter.com
Have a Healthy Day!